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policies and procedures for each department.

Aisle of Wreaths
Contact Name: Leann Hansen
Contact Phone: 801.572.3738
Centerpieces and Collectibles
Contact Name: Kristi Hanni
Contact Phone: 801.560.7091
Gingerbread Village
Contact Name: Jennifer Whitworth
Contact Phone: 801.230.0168 
Large Trees
Contact Name: Kae Rasmussen
Contact Phone: 801.830.5849
Playhouse Plaza
Contact Name: Jennifer John
Contact Phone: 801.372.9097
Quilt Block
Contact Name: Valerie Cutrer
Contact Phone: 801.571.5975
Small Trees
Contact Name: Jennifer Ward
Contact Phone: 801.782.7673
Speaker's Bureau Information
Contact Name: Karen Hansen
Contact Phone: 801.694.8698
Gift Boutique
Contact Name: Janet Shumway
Contact Phone: 801.544.1414
ELF Emporium
Contact Name: Stacey Telford
Contact Phone: 801.541.4024
Sweet Shoppe
Contact Name: RaeElla Julian
Contact Phone: 801.440.2291 
Opening Night Auction Hosts
Contact Name: Aimee Snow
Contact Phone: 801.641.7849

Contact Name: Becky Gaedcke
Contact Phone: 435.230.0567

Hosting Volunteers
Contact Name: Frances Morgan
Contact Phone: 801.943.3943



Marie Partridge, Chairwoman

Denise Garrett, Co-Chair

Kathy Bess, Co-Chair

Shauna Davis, Co-Chair

Brooke Thompson, Co-Chair